Stockists & Suppliers Oil & Gas Equipments

Our Sales Services

We are able to offer a supply, service structured to provide unique support to purchasing and engineering departments of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power generation and Marine Industries and their entire cast of sub contractors and fabricators. Our mission is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality product available along with fast delivery, all at a competitive price..

Specific Enquiries

Hadaf Product managers are expert in know-how of different enquiries, and client enquired specifications, this know –how plus knowing exact manufacturer capabilities and supply ranges ,enables Hadaf to source and supply each client enquiry according to their specific needs.

Project Packages (Coating, Threading, Galvanizing Services) Hadaf acts as a supplier and integrator of packages and to do so, can provide supplementary services like machining, threading, galvanizing, cement lining, polyethylene coating, fusion-bonded epoxy coating, polypropylene coating, and other types of coating.

Specific Services (Shipping, Packing,…) In case of requirement Hadaf can provide clients with trucking, shipping and air –freight services which may be coordinated and contracted by our experienced dedicated logistics department. In case of client requirement, Hadaf may provide services like, packing, identification, markings, tagging, color coding.